What We're All About

The Rehoboth TransLiance is a Delaware based non-profit group that is open to transgender people of all types. Our meet-ups are about creating a safe and inviting atmosphere where we can grow and learn together. Membership is free and we welcome all who have an interest in protecting, understanding and supporting our interests.

We seek a safe, mutually supportive, and nonpolitical atmosphere for shopping, dining, dancing, educational, intellectual and other social pursuits. The broad range of social and intellectual events are wonderful opportunities to have fun, socialize, build friendships, share, explore, expand, and celebrate our gender together in safe and enjoyable settings.

It is also an opportunity to discover and integrate your feminine/masculine side, and learn about cross-dressing, being bi-gender, transgender, gender queer or transsexual lifestyles. We provide support through social interaction and development. It is our firm belief that the more often we come out and socialize together, the more comfortable and confident we become in integrating these parts of our selves.


 Come as you are or who you wish to be - we all share something precious together in the gender continuum and you are welcome at our events! 


We encourage you to interact with members on our meet-up site:


Nervous? If you are nervous and need support one of our angels will meet you prior to any meetup to comfort and welcome you to the group. 


We offer a community resource of this week’s happenings, members’ experiences, tips, insights, questions, and reviews in areas of interest in our local trans community. Posts go out to all members to keep abreast.

Be sure to add your experiences, insights, tips, and questions.

We hope you can join us!

Kathy & Suzanne